By: Tom Bushey

DocuSign: Did You Know, Everyday 40% of Signers are Signing Electronically for the First Time?

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[Photo Source: DocuSign's Canadian website]

No Pen? No Problem. Sign documents or request signatures anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to print or scan — just use the device at your fingertips. DocuSign makes it easy.

Currently, about 265k new users are joining each weekday and 110k are joining each weekend day. Showing that user growth is predictably stable, this ratio has been very consistent over time.

It's a sign of good health that the returning population represents a majority of daily users. E-Signing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 – Click the link in email

With one click, you can access the document and start the document signing process on virtually any internet-enabled device.

Step 2 – Follow the DocuSign tabs

Tabs and simple instructions guide you through the signing process. Your electronic signatures are secure, legally binding, and widely accepted for most business transactions around the world.

Step 3 – Finish, and you’re done

Once you’re done signing, click Finish. That’s it!

See how DocuSign electronic signatures work with their interactive signing demo or watch this signing video.

Here's a perfect REAL ESTATE example of how DocuSign works: