By: Tom Bushey

Okay, We've bought our home! Why the emails and newsletters?

Tags: Buying a Home in Calgary, Selling a HOme in Calgary

2020-10-02 So, you may be wondering why you get my monthly newsletter and a monthly email from your real estate professional. As you may know, consumers buy and sell homes perhaps every 5 to 7 years. Sometimes, it's even less frequently. So the cost of newsletters, postage and keeping in touch by email, video emails and telephone calls must be pretty expensive, right? It is, but this quote from a consumer that happens to be the Director of Sales for a national marketing firm may shed some light on why:

"My husband and I bought our first house when we were young, and once we were ready to have kids, we wanted to size up. When we were ready to list our house, we couldn't remember our real estate agent's name. We somewhat recalled what she looked like and what company she worked for, but that was about it. Because I really liked her, I took an extra step and looked on her company's website for her name or picture to jog my memory. No luck. I eventually gave up and went with a Realtor® who had a sign in our neighbourhood."

"If our first Realtor® would have stayed in contact, she could have had the listing of our home, the purchase of another house, plus referrals as both of our kids have purchased homes since then!"

So, now you know! With literally thousands of licensed real estate professionals within our city, the cost of being forgotten is far, far more expensive than just keeping in touch with what I call "touch points" throughout the year.